Over 150 events that bring science to life


Dates: 19 Aug, 5–6.30pm

A Tribute to Science Fiction

Hear scores from inspiring science fiction films and television shows in this homage concert.

Dates: 19 Aug, 10am–3pm

Gondwana Garden

Take a trip back to Gondwanan times and celebrate science with the family.

Dates: 19 Aug, 10am–5pm


Celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of the maker community.

Dates: 20 Aug, 11am–3.30pm

The Innovation Games

A free day full of hands-on sporting and technology action.

Dates: 19 Aug, 10am–4pm

Macquarie University Open Day

Find out what it's like to study science and engineering at Macquarie and solve the problems of toda

Dates: 11–20 Aug, 10am–5pm

This is a Voice

Contemplate the power of voice before and beyond words.

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Date Night

Dive into the world of science with that special someone.

Sisters in Science

Hear from leading female scientists in forensics, climate change, astronomy.

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