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A Night of Illusions

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Baffle your senses with an evening of tactile and visual illusions built to deceive your brain. 

Step into a realm that will challenge your assumptions and mess with your perceived reality. Feel your body change size and shape. Immerse yourself in the bizarre sensory world of animals, in which your ability to perceive determines your fate.
Experience illusions firsthand and find out what’s going on in your head with leading scientists including:

Dr Deborah Apthorp, a cognitive neuroscientist specialising in the human visual system and its interactions with other sensory systems
Dr Matthew Bulbert, a behavioural ecologist who examines how animals exploit the perception of others to increase their survival a.k.a deception
Erika Contini, a vision scientist and neuropsychology researcher who evaluates brain patterns associated with seeing and recognising objects.
Prof Alex Holcombe, a vision scientist who investigates the speed limits on perception, attention, and reading
Robert Keys, a scientist who investigates how the brain creates mental ‘pictures’ of the body through vision, touch, and proprioception
Dr James O’Hanlon, a scientific researcher who studies how animals survive using illusion, disguise and masquerade
Dr Vince Polito, a cognitivie scientist who investigates beliefs, self control and altered states of consciousness
Kim Ransley, a vision scientist who looks at how the human brain creates our visual experience of the world
Dr Tatjana Seizova-Cajic, a scientist who investigates bodily senses and vision
Dr Regine Zopf, a cognitive scientist who investigates how humans perceive the identity, location and size of bodies using multisensory illusions and virtual reality