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This event invites you to explore science behind the scenes at the brand new Taronga Institute of Science and Learning, the first of its kind in The Southern Hemisphere.

In 2016, Taronga celebrated our centenary and this momentous occasion marked our transformation into a global leader, working beyond traditional boundaries of a Zoo to be at the forefront of wildlife conservation.

Our vision is to ‘secure a shared future for wildlife and people’ and our holistic approach to conservation considers communities, habitats and wildlife as the key to a more sustainable world. Our commitment to the future of conservation science and education has culminated in the development of the new Taronga Institute of Science & Learning, a world-first, purpose-built, state of the art facility that will house the largest conservation science team of any zoo in the southern hemisphere.

During the Sydney Science Festival, we are opening the doors to the public to see conservation science in action and to experience our new immersive classrooms. The immersive classrooms mimic the geography and climate of different habitats: Rainforest, Arid and Woodlands and you will have a chance to experience a workshop in these living, multi-sensory learning spaces, including an animal encounter.

The new Taronga Institute will feature five working labs including a Frozen Zoo, where coral cells are being cultivated that could be used to re-seed the reef in the future.

Guided tours will include a briefing on the facility and the programs facilitated through the institute.

Entry to tour the Taronga Institute is free for guests that have purchased a ticket to Taronga Zoo and have registered for a tour.

Please note we are limited to four immersive classroom experiences per day and a maximum of 30 people per tour, to ensure the well-being of the animals that live within the immersive habitat classrooms.

There 4 tours during the day 10am, 11:30am, 1.00pm, 2.30pm
The Zoo is open from 9:30-4:30pm