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Botany Undressed with Maria Fernanda Cardoso

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Join Artist Maria Fernanda Cardoso as she explores floral anatomy, and weaves together themes of scientific method, history, and the similarities of artistic and scientific observation. Participants have the opportunity to feel, smell, dissect and work with flowers using microscopes, magnifying glasses and other tools and materials to observe, explore and investigate flowers. Learn about the hidden floral structures and learn about their underlying function and evolution.

Maria Fernanda Cardoso is featured in Human non Human a new exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum that asks: What makes us human? How might humans adapt in the future? The exhibition features four immersive installations that reveal the role of ‘non-humans’ in making us who we are – from plants, animals and molecules to technologies, data flows, buildings and robots.

Prior to the workshop, please join MAAS Senior Curator Katie Dyer for a expert tour of Human non Human. Workshop ticket includes materials and museum general admission.