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Brilliant Brains: How Kids Learn Language

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Fun, interactive games, demonstrations and short workshops to learn about current research on how children learn language.

Over the first years of life, children rapidly discover the speech sounds of their language, build a rich vocabulary, map complex meanings to words, and uncover the rules of grammar. How do they accomplish these amazing feats?

Join us and learn how language scientists from Macquarie University’s Child Language Lab solve the puzzles of language learning!

In this event, children of all ages can take part in interactive demonstrations and games on iPads, laptops and an ultrasound machine that shows images of the tongue! There will also be fun guessing games, including ‘can you predict what I’m going to say?’, ‘what language is this?’ and the much-discussed ‘do you hear Yanny or Laurel?’ question. Kids and adults alike will have great fun learning about recent research on how children acquire sounds, words, and grammar in their first or second language and will have opportunities to ask questions of researchers.

This event and workshop is part of Big Science Day at Powerhouse Museum. Ticket to Big Science Day includes Museum Entry.