Webster Theatre, Veterinary Science Conference Centre, University of Sydney

Food and Water Borne Pathogens: A One Health Approach

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The Annual Ian Beveridge Memorial Lecture 2018

Presented by Distinguished Professor Nigel French

Distinguished Professor of Food Safety and Veterinary Public Health, Massey University, New Zealand; Co-Director, One Health Aotearoa; Professor, New Zealand Institute for Advanced Studies; Director, New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre

Despite major gains in public health, food and water borne pathogens are still major contributors to the global burden of disease; particularly affecting children in developing countries. Such diseases are highly preventable, particularly if the sources and pathways of infection are known. Many food and water borne pathogens are carried by animals, hence techniques that identify transmission pathways and the most important animal reservoirs (e.g. livestock, pets or wildlife) help to guide public health decision making. Distinguished Professor French will illustrate the application of a One Health approach, combining genomics and epidemiological modelling, to determine the sources of food and water borne infections with SalmonellaCampylobacter and E. coli. He will use examples from developed and developing countries, including ‘explosive’ outbreaks and ‘slow burn’ epidemics, and illustrate how they can inform public health interventions and help to reduce the burden of disease.