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City of Parramatta Library

Gut Health: Science Talk and Kombucha Workshop

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Understand more about how food processing can effect our gut health, even before we consume it, all while you create your own glass of Kombucha.

A plant-based diet is often associated with improved gut health. But why? Is it the scouring action of dietary fibre? Or is there more to vegetables and fruit to enhance nutritional uptake and improve gut health? Nutritional Food Scientist, Dr Anneline Padayachee explores the effect of processing fruits and vegetables on gut health. This free event is part of Inspiring Australia’s Talking Science library speaker series in celebration of Sydney Science Week.

Following the science talk will be a kombucha for beginners workshop, presented by a sustainability staff member from the City of Parramatta, where you will learn how to create your own kombucha (fermented drink). Have you always wanted to try kombucha but just not sure what the fuss is about? This workshop will allow you to taste test traditional style kombucha and seasonal flavourings. We will also show you how to get started in an easy, no fuss, no commitments way. Our small batch process allows you to refine your palate, experiment with flavours, and find strengths to get you on the kombucha track. Kombucha is an ideal way to break the caffeine, soft drink, or alcohol habits whilst also reducing your environmental impact caused by the production and consumption of these beverages.