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Homeward Bound

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Set in the waters off Antarctica, Homeward Bound is an annual leadership program, which brings together some of the best international women in STEM. Hear from one of its attendees about their adventures.

What do Antarctica, women in STEM and climate change have in common? In 2017, 80 women leaders from different science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines travelled to Antarctica for a symposium at sea about climate change, environmental stewardship, science policy and decision making. Mary-Ellen Feeney will discuss her participation in the unique Homeward Bound initiative as well as the extensive history spatial scientists have in Antarctica, from surveying and mapping unknown territories, through to using modern satellite imagery techniques and remotely piloted aircraft to survey remote communities of penguins and breaking ice shelves.

This free event is part of Inspiring Australia’s Talking Science library speaker series.