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Let’s Talk About Blood

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Which blood type are you? Come and find out what your blood type means to science and understand how it helps others in need.

Join the conversation with Australian Red Cross scientists Dr Rena Hirani and Dr Alison Gould on the quest to better understand the science of blood. Discover what blood is made up of, why our blood matters, what happens when someone needs a blood transfusion and what the different blood types actually mean. This talk will provide a delicious explanation, and lead you through some of the latest developments in Australian blood research.

Dr Rena Hirani works as a research fellow with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. She works in the clinical research team with projects focused on improving the understanding of the behaviour of blood products following transfusion into patients. Rena gained a PhD from the University of Adelaide in the field of genetics and biochemistry. She has previously worked in the fields of nanotechnology and developmental biology.

Dr Alison Gould works at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. She helps members of the Research and Development team to share their stories of science with their colleagues, collaborators and the public. Alison trained in chemistry and biochemistry, and gained a PhD in biochemistry from the University of New South Wales. She worked as a researcher in the biotechnology industry developing and manufacturing biopharmaceuticals. She loves working with scientists from all disciplines, and helping others understand the significance of their research.