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Delve into the intriguing story of the establishment of the Parramatta District Hospital’s Cardiac Fitness and Rehabilitation Auxiliary, and discover the medical science behind it. This pioneering unit was the first of its kind in Australia – and one of the first such units in the world

In 1976, distressed by the low survival rates of cardiac patients, a dedicated member of the Parramatta nursing team undertook a study tour of Canada, seeking to understand the science behind, and the benefits of, patient rehabilitation following cardiac surgery.

A small band of Parramatta nurses and supporters then raised $100,000 to equip and open this world leading facility at the Parramatta District Hospital on the 17th April 1978 (40 years ago).

Later that year, during an international medical conference in Sydney, doctors from America learnt firsthand of the medical advances being pioneered in the unit, before returning home to establish similar facilities in the USA.

Hear first-hand accounts from nurses of the day about the advances that were being pioneered in the unit and elsewhere. See photographic displays of their cutting-edge work and inspect rarely seen cardiac diagnostic and treatment instruments of the day, along with a range of historic medical technology.

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