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Science In The Swamp: Dinosaur vs Superpower

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Free - No Ticket Required

Science in the Swamp is an outdoor family day that gives children and their parents the opportunity to learn about science in a relaxed fun atmosphere. This year’s “Dinosaur vs Superpower” will combine two of your kids’ favourites.

Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, or Cat Woman – we all know about their fantastic strength and abilities. Join our scientists at their stall and they will show what amazing superpowers you find in nature. Super sight, super hearing, super strength, camouflage are only some of the ones you will be able to work with.

The incredible roving Dinosaur will be coming back as well and show you some pre-historic fauna.

We encourage our guest to come in their favourite super hero’s outfit and look forward to a fun day of superpowers.

What’s On in the Swamp?

  • Bird-men (and women) Join Birdlife Australia and get a real insight into Centennial Park’s colourful bird world! Short bird walks start every hour on the quarter hour
  • Want to read up on your superheroes – have a look at Better Read Than Dead!
  • Team Quoll – Learn all about the spotted little creature that needs our help!
  • Dinner in the Jungle? No problem after you have spoken to our scientists from the Botanic Garden. They will show you all the wonderful food that grows in Australian rainforests.
  • Buzzy Bees – Bees are the superheroes of nature – without them we could hardly exist! Learn more about those buzzy helpers!
  • Code a Bot – roboters’ superpowers are unmatched – learn how to code your own!
  • Kermit and Friends Find out about Kermit and his friends at the Frog and Tadpole Society
  • Hollows as Homes? Meet our Wildlife Officers and find out who lives in tree holes and thrives through our gardens at night!
  • Bugs About- they are little but they have so many superpowers! Find out our all about the park’s smallest creatures!
  • Cicadarama – Discover and learn all about Australia’s unique cicada diversity (aka those summer screamers).

PLEASE NOTE: you are not required to register in advance for this program as it is a free event. However, if you do register in advance, as a thank you from Centennial Park you’ll go into the draw to win 1 of 3 double passes to one of the WILD PLAY programs! Simply register here and follow the prompts for your chance to win.