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Science In The Wild: Dinosaur vs Superpower

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Free - No Ticket Required

Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, and Cat Woman – we all know about their fantastic strength and abilities. But did you know that there are superheroes in your very own backyard?

Super sight, super hearing, super strength,and camouflage are only some of the many amazing superpowers on display in the great outdoors. Join scientists at Science in the Wild and learn what amazing superpowers you can find in nature.

This year’s Dinosaur vs Superpower event will combine two of your kids’ favourite things by also featuring an incredible roving Dinosaur and a bit of pre-historic fauna.

Science in the Wild is an outdoor family day that gives children and their parents the opportunity to learn about science in a relaxed fun atmosphere.


Tiny House –  Visit TESLA’s Tiny House and see how you and your family can live in a sustainable manner.

Discover your secret animal superpower! Complete the eight animal superhero challenges with Children’s Discovery Museum to discover your secret animal superpower!

The Australian Scooby Doo –  meet the native Australian dingoes from Bargo Sanctuary!

Become a Superhero –  and help save our threatened animals and plants at the Threatened Species Art Competition!
Paint your favourite threatened animal or plant and you might win one of the amazing prices.

Want to increase your knowledge about Dinosaurs and Superpowers? Check out Better Read Than Dead

What are superheroes without their costumes?
See what Nisa from Mud and Sugar has in store for you?

Team Quoll –  Learn all about the spotted little creature that needs our help!

Dinner in the Jungle? No problem after you have spoken to our scientists from the Botanic Garden. They will show you all the wonderful food that grows in Australian rainforests.

Buzzy Bees – Bees are the superheroes of nature – without them we could hardly exist! Learn more about those buzzy helpers!

Cicadarama – Discover and learn all about Australia’s unique cicada diversity (aka those summer screamers).

Spider -men Our friends from Project Maratus will bring their beautiful Peacock spiders and will tell you all about them.

Crayweed –  Ever wondered who lives in the green forests under your surfboard? Find out about the seaweed habitats with the marine ecologists from UNSW

Survive in the Bush? Real superheroes need to know all the tricks of survival – the team from the Western Sydney University’s Medical Department will help them with their research of Bush Medicine.

Peter Parker wasn’t only Spiderman –  but a photographer – check out Glenn’s amazing photos and learn how to take them yourself!

Code a Bot –  roboters’ superpowers are unmatched – learn how to code your own!

What superpowers do bees have? Find out all about our main pollinators with Urban Beehive!

FrogMan –  Help the Australian Museum with their work on frogs! Become a citizen scientist in the Frog ID program

Want to read up on dinosaurs and superheroes? Check out the stalls of Campbelltown Libraries

Kermit and Friends Find out about Kermit and his friends at the Frog and Tadpole Society

Super Oz Meet a number of our super aussie animals at the Australian Wildlife Display – or are you too scared to pet a snake?

Forgot to dress up?  The Botanic Garden Education Team can help!

UNSW SunSprint – Those supercars just need some sun to make them race through our tracks!

Have your superhero photo taken in our dinosaur photo booth! (Costs apply)

Hungry Heroes – here are your Food Stalls

On Stage
11.00 Mr Butterfly and Mrs Cockroach – the real Superheroes
11.30 Defy Gravity – Power Rangers and Co.’s Acrobatic Show
12.00 Robotronic – meet Nao and Pepper! Two life-sized social robots from WSU
12.30 Superpowers with a Bang – Fizzics’ Liquid Nitrogen Show
13.00 Aboriginal Superbeings – Dance Australia’s History
14.00 Superpowers with a Bang – Fizzics’ Liquid Nitrogen Show
14.30 Defy Gravity – Power Rangers and Co.’s Acrobatic Show

The Dino will roam at …