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Star Tales of Winter Nights

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Join professional astrophysicists from Macquarie University, UNSW and Sydney Observatory as they share their stories about how they use extremely sensitive telescopes and instruments to separate light from darkness. Although the vast majority of the space is dark, the analysis of the light emitted by stars and gas allows us to unveil the secrets of the cosmos.

This entertaining panel will tell the tales of how astronomers use light and light-based technologies to study our universe and discuss the most exciting challenges we have to face to detect planets around other stars, how galaxies form and evolve, what dark matter and dark energy are, how do we search for extra-terrestrial life, how Aboriginal Australians looked at the sky, and more!

The panel will happily answer any questions about the Universe, so bring yours along.


– MC : Kirsten Banks (Sydney Observatory/University of New South Wales)

– Kyler Kuehn (Macquarie University/Australian Astronomical Observatory)

– Simon O’Toole (Macquarie University/Australian Astronomical Observatory

-Prof Richard De Grijs (Macquarie Univeristy)

-Dr Lucyna Chudczer ( UNSW)