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That Human Touch: AI in Medical Care

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Can artificial intelligence diagnose disease better than humans can? Will radiologists be replaced by robots? What should we expect in an AI’s ‘bedside manner’? Can we trust the diagnoses AI makes?

Join Ellen Broad, author of Made by Humans: the AI Condition as she explores some of the big questions surrounding artificial intelligence in healthcare with Cheng Soon Ong, a machine learning researcher who has worked closely with cancer experts in Melbourne and overseas on using AI for genomics and healthcare.

Ellen came across Cheng Soon and his work while researching Made by Humans, sparking hours of enjoyable, thought-provoking conversation and friendly arguments about AI ethics, human strengths and weaknesses and the impact of AI on society. At the Sydney Science Festival, we invite you to join us in unpacking how AI will affect how doctors see patients and how patients see doctors.

Ellen Broad is an independent consultant and data expert whose clients include Data61, the Open Data Institute, Eurasia Foundation and regional and local governments. Ellen’s first book, Made by Humans (Melbourne University Publishing) is due out 1 August 2018.

Cheng Soon Ong is a principal machine learning research scientist at Data61, CSIRO and adjunct associate professor at the Australian National University. Cheng Soon is co-authoring a book titled Mathematics for Machine Learning to be published by Cambridge University Press at the end of 2018.