Parramatta Farmers Market

The Chain of Survival at Parramatta Farmer’s Market

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Free - No Ticket Required

Medical breakthroughs, technological advances and science-based treatments have greatly increased the survival rate of cardiac patients in the last sixty years. Join us as we celebrate these life-saving achievements with a series of pop-up events in the Parramatta area.

Be amazed (and possibly amused) by the display of historical cardiac treatment and diagnostic machines. Be inspired by the story and pictures of the Parramatta District Hospital’s cutting-edge Cardiac Fitness and Rehabilitation Unit (CFRU), this year celebrating the 40th anniversary of its establishment. Learn how individuals and organisations have contributed to the availability of life-saving portable defibrillators, first in ambulances and now in public places.

Be surprised by how easy it is to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), or play “Just another link in the Chain”.