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 Presented by the Australian Academy of Science

Does ‘carb loading’ really work? Does the Soccer World Cup get people off the couch? How do you motivate the physically inactive?

Join us to explore these questions and more at ‘The Science of Sport’, the first event in the Australian Academy of Science’s National Speaker Series for 2018.

Hear from four outstanding speakers at our Sydney event as they discuss how sport and science intersect. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask your own questions directly to each speaker.

MC: Sophie Scott: Award winning journalist, broadcaster and author Sophie Scott is on a mission to educate and inspire people to enhance their health and happiness. Having written two critically acclaimed books, and receiving numerous awards including the Australian Museum Eureka prize for medical journalism, Sophie is a highly respected and sought after health presenter. Currently the national medical reporter for the ABC, Sophie’s stories appear regularly on ABC news, 7:30, ABC Radio and ABC Online.

*How does sport and exercise impact our mental health? We all know that exercise is good for the body and mind, buthow can exercise help people who are trying to improve their mental health? UNSW Scientia Fellow Dr Simon Rosenbaum will discuss what the latest science is telling us about the impact of physical activity on people living with a mental illness, and howexercise might fit with existing treatments for those living with PTSD and other conditions.”

* How can we efficiently fuel our bodies during physical activity? In this talk Metabolic biochemist Dr Kieron Rooney from the University of Sydney will present some of the understanding we have on fuel selection during sports and how our bodies switch (or not) between them during different types of activity and how this has informed some dietary theories for enhancing fuel utilisation.

* Does the Soccer World Cup get people off the couch? For public health researcher Professor Adrian Bauman from the University of Sydney, physical inactivity is the most inexcusable affliction of the modern world. But can events like the Soccer World Cup get people off the couch? Adrian will explore the connection between elite events and community participation in sport, as well as other positive outcomes that “trickle down” from these events. Adrian oversees in a diverse research program including chronic disease prevention, physical activity, sedentary behaviour, nutrition, obesity and diabetes.

* What can athletes and consumers learn from each other when it comes to caffeine consumption? Dr Louise Burke will discuss the pros and cons of using caffeine, including habitual daily caffeine intake, to boost sports performance. Louise has 35 years of experience as a sports dietitian, including the last 27 years as the Head of Sports Nutrition at the AIS. Louise has also written a number of textbooks and lay books on sports nutrition, as well as nearly 300 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters. Louise is also Chair in Sports Nutrition at the Australian Catholic University.