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Travel Space and Time with Virtual Reality

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A virtual walk through places of the past.

Western Sydney University researchers from the Digital Humanities Research Group have recreated places of the past for you to experience in virtual worlds. Using state of the art Virtual Reality headsets you can explore ancient Mesopotamia, walk through Parramatta as it was before Captain Cook’s time, traverse the Pacific islands listening to languages of the region, or step into the Rocks in 1901.

Your guides to these time travel experiences are:

Artificial intelligence researcher Dr Tomas Trescak, who can explain how he has programmed simulated humans for his ancient worlds experiences.

Multimedia artist and producer Kate Richards, who can show you how old photographs can be brought to light in a 3D animation.

Linguist Rachel Hendery, who will show you how we have brought recordings from the archives back to life in her Pacific languages visualisation.