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Will Autonomous Vehicles Make Us Safer?

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Driver assist technology is often promoted as an infallible cure-all to our road safety issues, with claims that self-driving cars will reduce the occurrence of crashes by 90 to 95 percent. Drivers won’t be needed.

However, these optimistic forecasts are misleading, based on the false ideas that almost all road safety problems are caused by driver error and that new technology is infallible. With increased reports of accidents and fatalities involving autonomous vehicles, early indications are that this technology will not contribute to better road safety.

Join safety expert Professor Ann Williamson for a serious look at this technology, and how our approach to the move towards autonomous vehicles needs to change if we are to maximise their benefits.

Professor Ann Williamson is the Director of the Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research Centre and Professor of Aviation Safety in the School of Aviation at UNSW Sydney.  She has done research on workplace and transport safety issues since the 1980s in both government and universities.  Her research focuses especially on how we can maximise safety through designing workplaces and transport systems that take the human into account.