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Image: Akiyoshi Kitaoka

A Night of Illusions

Presented by I-Sci

Sydney Science Festival favourite ‘A Night of Illusions’ returns in 2019 with another mind-bending world of perceptual and cognitive distortion.

Leading sensory scientists present their favourite illusions and explain some of the weird and wonderful ways that our brain shapes our perceptions and memories of the external world, as well as our own bodies. Try out our interactive exhibits to experience a dazzling array of visual and tactile illusions, and see for yourself how your brain constructs your experience of the world.

Feel your body change in shape and size. Watch static images twist and bend before your eyes. Learn how our minds make sense of the environment and our place within it. We invite you to step into a realm that challenges your assumptions and messes with your perceived reality. Trust us – you will never experience the world the same again.