A water body with melting glaciers in the foreground leading to a icy mountainous landscape in the background.
Image: Jaymantri

Are Climate Models Crystal Balls?

Presented by Georges River Libraries

Ever wondered how climate scientists gaze into the future by looking at the past?

Our planet has seen some massive climatic changes over the last one hundred million years, but more recent changes tell us that we’re in for a bumpy ride.

Join Steph, Nick and Nidhi from the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Climate Research Team to learn what is driving climate change now (and what clouds have to do with it); to take a look at patterns of climate extremes; and debunk some major climate myths along the way.

This event is part of Inspiring Australia’s Talking Science series as part of Sydney Science Festival in National Science Week.

Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s Climate Research Team:

Dr Stephanie Downes
Principal Scientist and Oceanographer modelling drivers and impacts of climate change

Dr Nidhi Nishant
Senior Scientist investigating climate extremes affecting NSW

Dr Nicholas Herold
Atmospheric Scientist analysing regional and global climate models and the effect of aerosols on climate change