Elderly man holding up a traditional bushy medicine sample as crowd watches
Image: City of Parramatta

Bush Medicine Workshop

Presented by City of Parramatta

At a time when traditional Indigenous knowledge is gaining recognition from mainstream scientists around the world, we invite you to join us in an exploration of Aboriginal medicine at an interactive workshop.

How did people maintain their fitness and health before the advent of personal trainers and gym memberships? Lifestyle, of course, played a big part, along with traditional foods. However, injuries, illness and old-age have always taken a toll on the human body.

Join this engaging workshop to delve into the world of traditional Aboriginal medicine and discover a range of natural cures and treatments for illness, injuries and infirmities that can be found in the Australian bushland.

An experienced Aboriginal presenter will share knowledge of traditional medicines and remedies on an easy bushwalk in the beautiful Lake Parramatta Reserve, a rare surviving plot of Sydney shale-sandstone forest.

Following the walk, he will lead a yarning circle and workshop where Aboriginal people will share knowledge of the myriad medicinal uses of native plants and other natural resources. As Aboriginal culture is dynamic and evolving, the use of some introduced plants may also be discussed.