Dr Alan Duffy stand in front of a banner that features an image of space and a space satellite.
Image: The Australian Museum

Dark Matter and Atoms of Space in You

Presented by Australian Museum

Astrophysicist and Australian Museum Eureka Prize winner Associate Professor Alan Duffy creates universes on supercomputers to explore new scientific theories.

To help students understand the nature of dark matter and how galaxies formed, Alan travels past the moon to illuminate the latest developments in science, including how the atoms in you formed, and why dark matter helped to populate the elements found in the Earth’s Periodic Table, even though you won’t find it there.

Through an understanding of recent developments in space science, students are introduced to the wonderful world outside of our solar system and the use of models, theories and laws in space science research.

Presented in partnership with A/Prof Alan Duffy, this activity is part of the Science in the City celebrations for schools at the Australian Museum. Exciting discoveries and practical science are brought to life with a unique program of hands-on activities, talks and explosive workshops, with a wide coverage of scientific fields and school curriculum links.

Suitable for Stage 5. For school bookings only, made in advance. Minimum 15 students. Please see the event timetable here for current availabilities.