Collage of two images - on the right is an MRI scanner, on the left is an MRI scan of the top of a person's head.
Image: Photograph by Dr Gary Liney

Detecting Cancer with Magnets

Presented by Western Sydney University

Have you ever wondered what happens during an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan? And why many patients are injected with “contrast agents”, essentially tiny chemical magnets, before the scan? 

Come and find out how scientists and clinicians are able to detect various diseases (including cancer) by placing a patient inside a big magnet!

Detecting Cancer with Magnets will begin with an interactive talk by Dr Abhishek Gupta, an MRI scientist from Western Sydney University (WSU) and Ingham Institute (Liverpool Hospital) on MRI and how it enables cancer detection.

Following the talk, take a virtual tour of the Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Facility (MRI research facility) at WSU, and then meet with some of the leading Australian MRI researchers: Prof. William S. Price, Dr Timothy Stait-Gardner, Dr Allan Torres and Dr Scott Willis.

After the meet-and-greet session, watch a live demonstration of basic MRI experiments where Dr Gang Zheng, an MRI expert from WSU, will obtain images using the earth’s magnetic field.

Detecting Cancer with Magnets is suited to anyone with a curious mind, and the meet-and-greet session serves as an opportunity for students considering a career in science to interact with scientists and academics.