A close up image of a Raptor through greenery. The Raptor s mouth is aggressively open and has sharp teeth.
Image: BM Erth Dinosaur Australovenator

Gondwana Garden

Presented by Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands
Free - No Ticket Required

Take a trip through time to the ancient land of Gondwana, with this fantastic family day of hands-on science fun at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden.

Ask questions of one of our botanists from the Herbarium; hunt for virtual reality Australian dinosaurs and megafauna in the Garden with our free Jurassic Garden app; watch reptile and dinosaur shows; and see and learn about furry animals, frogs and tadpoles in the Botanic Garden.

Visit the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Bells Line of Road, Mount Tomah, on Saturday 17 August between 10am and 3pm (gates close 5.30pm).

This event is supported by Inspiring Australia as part of National Science Week.