A group of children watch a performer on stage with a lizard.
Image: Sydney Olympic Park Authority

Innovation Games at GIANTS Stadium

Presented by Sydney Olympic Park Authority
Free - No Ticket Required

Drone simulations, Big Science shows, wildlife demonstrations, skate science and more!

Can you kick the physics out of a footy? How fast can you run in a sprint test? And how much energy can you generate on a skate ramp?

The Innovation Games at GIANTS Stadium is a free science-based family fun day full of sporting, science and technology action at the town centre of Sydney Olympic Park, bringing science to sports fans attending the GWS GIANTS AFL game at GIANTS Stadium.

Activities include drone simulations, DNA extractions, the opportunity to meet Australian wildlife up close, skate and scooter physics, and plenty more hands-on science. Don’t forget to BYO-device for an augmented reality treasure hunt.

Head to the stage throughout the day for shows such as Fizzics Education’s Big Science Show, The Periodic Table of Sport from Dr Alice Motion and The Space Cowboy, Chayne Hultgren’s Stranger than Fiction, featuring Professor Patrick Sparks, showcasing a string of experiments that push mind, body and science to the limit. Experience a high speed lesson in reaction time, blindfolded arrow-catching, demonstrations of mind-control through neuroscience and an assessment of the conductivity of human skin with high voltage electricity.

Enjoy a number of activities and shows throughout the day:

  • GWS GIANTS sports and fitness
  • Australian Wildlife Displays and Shows
  • Periodic Table of Sport show
  • Augmented Reality experiences with Sydney Olympic Park
  • Hands-on science with Fizzics Education
  • One Giant Leap drone simulations
  • BMX Bike Demonstrations and bike track
  • iGEM team from University of Sydney exploring DNA
  • The Australian Museum
  • Virtual Reality Gaming