Graphic illustration of students playing mobile science games on their phones in a classroom setting
Image: Arludo

Playing Video Games for Science

Presented by Arludo

Science is all about predictions, problem solving, teamwork and fun. Teachers and students – get ready for a two-hour session of video games, interviews, discussion, and comedy, all about science.

We’ll be playing the mobile science games made by Arludo, making predictions, analysing data and talking with some awesome scientists, in this completely interactive afternoon adventure.

This event requires that students bring their mobile phones along to join in the fun. We’ll show the adults of the world that mobile phones can be used for good!

Hosted by Arludo – an educational company developing mobile games that teach science – students use their phones to collect data, answer questions, and interact with others at the venue (all anonymously).

Best of all, we’re broadcasting the event through YouTube Live for free to ensure that any schools that can’t make it there on the day can join in the fun.

This event is best suited for students in years 7 and 8. We’re limited to 100 spots on site, so register quickly!