Graphic of a bee hive with super imposed images of 4 species of bees and floral decorations.
Image: Western Sydney University

Pollinator Power: Beautiful Bees and Bugs

Presented by Western Sydney University
Free - No Ticket Required

Do you love mangoes and cherries at Christmas, warm apple pie in winter and smashed avocado on a Sunday morning? For all of this delicious food, and much, much, more you should thank pollinators.

A team of researchers at Western Sydney University is looking at the role of pollinators in producing some of Australia’s favourite fruits, nuts and vegetables, as well as investigating the role of pollinators in maintaining healthy, functional native ecosystems.

Insect pollinators are crucial for the successful reproduction of approximately 60% of agricultural production and 65% of all flowering plants. But they’re under threat from human-induced disturbances and disease. The research focuses on identifying important pollinator species for successful agriculture, providing resources to support and maintain native pollinator populations within these systems, and understanding the diseases that can affect pollinators.

If you have ever wanted to know how to attract native bees to your garden, why blow flies are not pests or why pollinators are declining worldwide, please come and chat with the team of researchers.

See display hives with bees moving through their homes, as well as microscopes to view baby bees (brood). Researchers demonstrate how to make bee hotels that support native bees in our backyards, plus learn information on how to support a diverse range of pollinators in your local area.