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Image: Ramin Nazeer

Science at the Edge of Consciousness

Presented by Vince Polito

Dr Vince Polito explores the latest findings in psychedelic science, and demonstrates ways the audience can safely explore altered states of consciousness.

What lies beyond the edges of our normal everyday waking consciousness? Join Dr Vince Polito for a trip through ancient and modern techniques of consciousness alteration, to discover what altered states can teach us about the inner workings of our minds.

Explore how meditation can change our senses, test whether hypnotic suggestions can help break automatic habits, delve into the latest findings from the frontiers of psychedelic science, and explore how new technologies such as virtual reality and brain stimulation are being used to alter consciousness in the lab.

This interactive presentation includes opportunities for the audience to experience and compare some consciousness altering technologies.

Dr Vince Polito is a Research Fellow in the Department of Cognitive Science at Macquarie University. His research investigates consciousness, beliefs and self representation. His PhD research won the Ernest Hilgard Award for the best thesis on hypnosis from the American Psychological Association. In February 2019 he published the first longitudinal study on the effects of microdosing psychedelics.