A graphic of swirling red and blue cell-like structures on a black background.
Image: University of Technology Sydney

Science in Focus: Curing Diseases in Space

Presented by University of Technology Sydney

Join Dr Joshua Chou as he prepares for the first Australian space mission, looking into the biology of our cells outside of Earth.  

The evolution of our cells has been shaped by the physical forces of our home planet. But how will the space environment shape us, and how will we accommodate to this new biology as we delve further into space exploration?

Be a part of brand new research in cell biology and biomedical engineering, to uncover the effects of space travel on human biology.

Dr Josh Chou is a biomedical scientist at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), whose laboratory works at the interface of biomaterials, cell mechanics, physics and cell biology. Working with an international multidisciplinary team from Harvard and MIT, Josh Chou’s work aims to understand how physical properties and biological function affect each other in different cellular systems and diseases.