A group of young students popping confetti crackers into the air.
Image: The Australian Museum

Science + Music = Win

Presented by Australian Museum

What is a pulsar, and how can it be used in music? Can we recreate a 60s psychedelic vibe, and what’s that got to do with a Soviet spy/inventor? Is there an equation for the perfect dance move? How does a scientist write lyrics for a song?

This presentation not only brings music to your ears, but tells you how it got there, how it’s made and what we can do with it.

Musicians understand how to make sweet, sweet music by ripping picks along strings, sustaining feedback, keeping perfect time or hitting glorious harmonies. Join Tom Gordon from the University of Sydney as he shares their secrets with you in a demonstration-filled science presentation.

Presented in partnership with University of Sydney, this activity is part of the Science in the City celebrations for schools at the Australian Museum. Exciting discoveries and practical science are brought to life with a unique program of hands-on activities, talks and explosive workshops, with a wide coverage of scientific fields and school curriculum links.

Suitable for all stages. For school bookings only, made in advance. Minimum 15 students. Please see the event timetable here for current availabilities.