Image of two people walking in shallow waters with a shelter structure in the background.
Image: Tom Zubryki

The Hungry Tide

Presented by University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Internationally renowned documentary maker, Tom Zubrycki in conversation with UTS Climate Change expert Dr Ian McGregor for a Q&A following a screening of Tom’s acclaimed climate change documentary, The Hungry Tide.

Tom Zubrycki’s film The Hungry Tide showcases the plight of the Pacific nation Kiribati and profiles the life of Maria Tiimon, a Kiribati woman living in Sydney. On the front lines of the climate emergency, Kiribati is gravely threatened by sea level rise that threatens the displacement of its 105,000 residents. The film follows Maria from a small Sydney high school to the world stage as she alerts the world to her sinking homeland and rises to overcome many personal and political challenges.

The film screening is followed by a conversation between the director Tom Zubrycki, climate scientist Dr Ian McGregor (UTS) and the audience, to unpack the devastating impact of sea level rise in the South Pacific and plight for climate justice.

About the Speakers

Dr Ian McGregor is an expert on the global politics of climate change. He attended all of the UN Global Climate Summits from Copenhagen in 2009 to Paris in 2015. From 2011 to 2015, he was an Expert Advisor to one of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in relation to the UN Climate Change negotiations. In this role, he worked closely with many of the other LDCs, Climate Action Network and the Pacific Island Partnership to try to ensure that an effective approach to rapidly reducing global climate change emissions.

Tom Zubrycki has for the last 30 years mapped Australia’s changing social and political landscape. He has directed 14 documentaries, many of them feature-length, and produced another 12 with emerging filmmakers. As director, Tom’s evolved a strongly authored style focusing round a personal response to the big issues of the day.  He is respected for his observational story-telling style and his ability to get close to his subjects. You can find much more about the Hungry Tide documentary at the website: