A composite image of large telescope and the night sky with swirling pink accents.
Image: Ángel López-Sánchez

Unlocking the Cosmos with Light

Presented by Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences

Join professional astrophysicists from Macquarie University as they share their stories about how they study the Cosmos using extremely sensitive telescopes and instruments.

Hear all about the stars, planets, nebulae and distant galaxies that astrophysicists study to get a better understanding of the universe we are part of.

This entertaining panel invites the audience to meet real-life astronomers using light and light-based technologies to study objects that are tens, thousands or even millions of light-years away from us.

Hear from astronomers about the most exciting challenges in current astrophysics, including… How do galaxies form and evolve? How do we detect planets around other stars? What are dark matter and dark energy? How do you take a picture of a black hole? How do we deal with such huge amounts of data? And more!

Bring your questions: the panel happily answers any questions about the Universe.


MC: Kirsten Banks (Sydney Observatory/UNSW)

Nuria Lorente (Macquarie University, Australian Astronomical Optics)

Simon O’Toole (Macquarie University, Australian Astronomical Optics)

Tayyaba Zafar (Macquarie University, Australian Astronomical Optics)

Angel R. Lopez-Sanchez (Macquarie University, Australian Astronomical Optics)